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BikeWithFriends is a Ruby on Rails web app that uses CitiBike data and shows your trip history as well as awards you badges for doing certain trips, like crossing a bridge or biking in Williamsburg (Hipster badge). I created the CSS and JQuery for the badges, utilized the Google Maps API for the Trip History page, used Bootstrap for additional elements, and built the login page. I also built much of the backend code that runs the application, grabs the trip data and calculates the logic to award the badges. My group presented this project at NY Tech Meetup at the beginning of this month as “Hack of the Month” to an audience of over 1000+ people.

Recipe UI with JQuery


Here’s a simple Recipe UI that I designed that allows you to buy groceries and make recipes from your pantry ingredients in a fun, interactive way. I custom designed the JQuery code to make it work, feel free to add recipes as you wish :)

8-Bit Git: The Legend of BASHellda


A tutorial-based git game played from the BASH command line. Players will learn the basics of Git by navigating branches and defeating the evil Prince of Darkness BSOD. Read more about this project here!